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CATALYST 4 CARE is a unique sales and marketing organization that is focused on bringing innovative medical devices to market in Canada and the U.S. At CATALYST 4 CARE we recognize the need for organizations of all sizes to have access to top performing sales and marketing professionals that are embedded in the healthcare space. Access to these experts can be an insurmountable barrier to SME’s and innovative organizations. We recognize the need to help these companies bring their outstanding innovations to market without draining company resources which are better spent in support of ongoing Research & Development and Operations.

Who We Are

Our team includes a network of some of the most experienced and successful sales and marketing executives in the medical device industry across North America. Our executives have decades of experience working for leading firms, both multinational and small to mid-size enterprises and have connections across all clinical specialties and procurement organizations in the healthcare sector. In addition to our experience and expertise in healthcare sales and marketing, we have a team of health system management professionals that understand Health Technology Assessment (HTA) criteria, processes and policies, leading an informed approach to adoption of new technologies into health systems across North America.


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Our Solutions - Innovative Products

‘Catalyst 4 Launch’ Program

Under this exclusive program, Catalyst 4 Care works with only select companies whose products are on the leading edge of innovation in the healthcare market that truly transform healthcare in areas of efficiency and clinical effectiveness. Many of the products we represent in this space are disruptive technologies that revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered, bending the cost curve and enhancing patient outcomes along the way.

Phase 1: 90-day Practical Market Testing

During this first phase we road-test the innovation to validate market assumptions and assess market uptake, informing the marketing plan with valuable insight into customer demand and market factors. During Phase One the product is pitched to critical decision makers in key accounts across select geographic locations. Outcome measures include collection of product feedback, price point assessment, impact on clinical need, viability and expected timelines for uptake of the innovation. During this phase we actively seek initial trials, targeting early adopters and key opinion leaders to gain some market traction.

Phase 2: Sales and Marketing Plan Development

The information collected in Phase One is refined and incorporated into strategic sales and marketing plans that are based on validated market data. The Catalyst 4 Care team is comprised of highly experienced sales and marketing professionals that have successfully created and launched innovative healthcare products into both the Canadian and U.S. markets. This experience translates into effective marketing plans which target specific market segments, accounts and call points that our sales team can hit the ground running with to quickly capture sales and expand market uptake. Our experience dictates that even the best product innovations fail without robust marketing and sales plans and time to market is critical.

Phase 3: Sales Accelerator

During the final phase of our ‘Catalyst to Market’ Program, our sales and marketing teams are actively engaged in pursuing sales opportunities. We set lofty yet attainable targets for our teams and incentivize them on quick conversion of opportunities into sales. This proven methodology within our network allows us to accelerate an organization’s market success. Key metrics are jointly developed with your organization and investors to determine outcome measures that define success. We continue to work with your organizational stakeholders at regular intervals to report on key metric attainment and important market feedback received.


Our Solutions - Established Products

‘Catalyst 4 Growth’ Program

This program was designed to take on more established product lines that may benefit from enhanced sales focus across specific geographical regions. Products that might not be represented in specific geographic areas or products that might not have adequate sales representation or focus would be the ideal candidate for our ‘Sales Catalyst’ Program. The C4C network professionals utilize mutually agreed upon targets which are pre-determined with support of our marketing team. Some of these spaces are highly competitive and our marketing team will lead strategic planning and training to ensure our teams are equipped to win in a competitive environment. Our customer service, sales, contracting and distribution capabilities will enable your organization to perform seamlessly from a customer’s vantage point. As an extension of your organization, we work with your key executives to ensure that regular touchpoints and feedback on metrics and market intelligence are incorporated into our working business model.

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We focus on driving innovation across the continuum of care, from home care and community to long term care and acute care settings.

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